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Posted September 29, 2018 05:06:47In Divergent, the fictional young adult novel by author Margaret Atwood, the story of two siblings who discover they’re siblings when they’re both orphaned at a young age, are forced to take on each other’s identities in order to protect their fragile relationship.

In this film version, however, they aren’t forced to have that sibling identity.

Instead, the film takes place at a different time, one in which the children are in their teens and in the middle of their relationship with their mother, while their father is at a loss for words about his future.

And when the parents of the siblings finally reconcile, the events in Divergent don’t unfold as they would in the book.

Instead, it’s a moment where we learn the true identities of these children, who each possess their own unique powers and abilities that can be used to great effect.

In the film, they use their powers in ways that don’t feel out of place for children.

It’s a bold move for a film that’s set in the same universe as the books, and it also feels right for the children’s story.

The film doesn’t feel like a movie that should have the same story arc as the novel.

Instead of seeing the same two characters play the same game, the kids’ stories are in different places, with different characters to play with.

As for the film’s use of the real-world events of the books to tell the story, Atwood is clear about the fact that this isn’t a movie about the events that took place in the books.

Instead the movie is about the children growing up, and how their identities change over the course of their lives.

“When you’re young and the world is your oyster, and your identity is your story, it can be very easy to forget what you are, to think, Oh, I’m this, I was that, I could be this, or this could be,” she said.

“And that can lead to a lot of hurt and confusion, and not knowing what to do with your identity.”

This is what we’re seeing with Divergent in theaters now, but it doesn’t really match up with the book’s version of events.

Instead it feels like Atwood and her team have taken this story and spun it in their own way.

The fact that they’re doing this by using the real world to tell their story is something that is a big departure from the book, and one that could make the film feel a bit different to those who aren’t familiar with the books or the books’ version of the events.

As For the film to be as good as the book it needs to be, however.

While the film does feature a scene in which we get a glimpse of the young children’s identity changes, it doesn.

The scene shows that the two young children aren’t twins.

They’re one child, and their father isn’t around anymore.

In fact, his name is Ethan, and he’s the same age as the children.

He’s the father of the other child, who happens to be a teenager.

It seems like this is a major change, and the film doesn.

In a way, it seems like the film isn’t telling the story the way it needs, because it isn’t.

It’s a big change for a story set in a fictional universe, and yet for a movie to be this good, it needs a lot more of it.

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