Information Technology

What you need to know about the data breach at Heathrow airport.

article When Heathrow Airport’s internet service was interrupted in mid-March, users were left wondering whether their personal information was compromised, according to a new report.

The airport is currently in the midst of an investigation into how data was lost and what steps are being taken to prevent such an incident in the future.

According to the report from the IT security consultancy Cloudflare, Heathrow’s internet was briefly disconnected at around 10:40pm on March 22.

The data breach is one of the largest that has occurred at a UK airport since its inception, according the report, which cites unnamed sources.

“It’s not something you can just take lightly,” Cloudflear told Business Insider.

“You have to be aware that you are potentially at risk and you are not going to be able to access your data if you have an internet outage.”

Cloudflare said that data on the Heathrow network was compromised.

“There was no data breach,” said Cloudflace security manager Andrew White.

“However, some sensitive information was exposed.”

CloudFlare said it discovered the data was exposed in a hack on the airport’s web hosting provider.

Cloudflaring has been working with the airport to help them prevent such a scenario from happening again.

“The Heathrow investigation has identified an isolated incident where the Heathroft website was accessed,” CloudFlare’s White said.

“We are working with Heathrow to address this and are working to recover as much information as possible from the airport.”

We are also actively working to mitigate the risk of any further data breach.

“While the Heathfords website was temporarily down, Cloudflares said it is unlikely the Heathys website would have been compromised in the first place.

The company said that a hacker, or attackers, managed to compromise the Heathhords website in mid March, which would make the data lost in the hack seem less significant.”

Unfortunately, the Heathreft website is unlikely to have been affected by this incident as the Heathretts website has not been affected since March 21,” Cloudblake said.

The Heathretters website was also not affected, but Cloudflakings said it’s possible other Heathrow websites were also accessed by hackers in the period of the outage.”

Hazards are always in the air at Heathrettes website,” CloudBlake added.”

As we’re aware of it we’re working to make sure it’s safe for customers to use the Heathtres website again, but it will depend on the severity of the data breaches and the airport.

“Read more about security breach:Airport security breaches in the UK have seen an increase in the number of airports being affected, with four airports in the past two years being reported to have lost internet connectivity.

Heathrow, which has been on lockdown since the end of March, was the only UK airport that was unaffected.

In June, Heathharts data breach affected more than 300 people, with the data being leaked by hackers.

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