Information Technology

A video of a woman climbing a fallen tree to save her family was captured by a video camera.

The video was posted on the Lad Bible website on Monday.

It shows the woman climbing the tree to her feet and then falling from the tree.

“This is what happened to her.

She fell from the trunk of a fallen branch,” the video states.

The woman is seen walking on the ground and appears to be trying to reach the tree, but she does not seem to make it.

She then runs back up the tree and runs to the car.

The Lad Bible video shows a man yelling in anger as he walks away.

“She got herself out of the way!

She got herself from the dead tree!” the man yells.

He then runs towards the woman.

The man appears to get angry at the woman for not doing more to save the family.

The family was sitting on a bench nearby and the woman was trying to jump off the branch.

“I thought it was just her.

I thought she was going to jump up and get away,” the woman’s brother told ABC News.”

It’s a pretty dangerous situation to be in right now,” he added.

The branch was broken off and a tree limb fell on top of the family and the man.

He was rushed to a hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Lad Bible posted a statement on their website explaining the circumstances surrounding the incident: “A family member of one of our members fell to her death from a tree branch while climbing the fallen tree branch of a nearby house.

The family member was attempting to reach a tree for the deceased family member.

We are deeply saddened and shocked by the events of the day.”

The video shows that the tree branch that fell on the woman did not break off, which is a sign that the family member is still alive.

“We are deeply thankful to our staff, family members and the Lad God who has blessed us with these remarkable images,” the Lad bible said.

“Lad God blesses you all and we pray for the family of the fallen family member who fell from a branch on their own.

We thank God for his amazing intervention to help save a family member from a tragic and dangerous situation.”

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