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Arabic word meaning “scissors” and “crusher” are the words that the computerised version of Arabic reads.

It can be difficult to understand the words, as the spelling is quite different.

In fact, some of the word’s meanings have been translated into English, including the word “to screw”.

In Arabic, the word means to “crush” or “crack”.

If you’re trying to understand Arabic, you can use a simple word-by-word dictionary of the Arabic language to work out the meaning of the words.

This free dictionary is based on the Oxford English Dictionary.

What are the Arabic words?

The word “scissor” comes from the root “sahr”, which means to scratch.

The word is also related to the word for knife, “shaykh”.

It can also be used to describe a tool, such as a nail, and it means to apply force to something.

“Crusher” comes in the form “kirb” which means “to crush”, and the word comes from “khdar”, which literally means “the word of God”.

These words come from Arabic, which means a source of information.

“Free” means that you can search the dictionary, or the computerized version of it, for any word you like.

To see a list of all the words in the Arabic alphabet, you’ll need to visit

To find out how to find the word, simply type the word into the search box.

What is the word used to refer to an electric razor?

The term “electric razor” comes to us from Arabic.

In the Middle East, people use electric razors for shaving.

This word is related to an Arab word meaning to “cut”.

It’s the same word used in Arabic to refer back to a particular event in time.

In Arabic the word has several meanings, including “the act of cutting”.

This means that a person can cut an object, such a tree branch, with an electric weapon, such the electric razor.

The term is also used to denote cutting a tree with an axe, a device which involves cutting through a tree.

In addition, the term “electrical razor” can be used for any type of electric weapon.

“Cut” comes later in the word meaning something that’s being cut.

The first two meanings of “cut” are to “flesh”, and “bite”.

In English, “femur” means to have a “felon’s blood” and a “sick person’s”.

“Sick person” is a reference to the sick person’s condition.

“Femur”, which also means “foul blood”, comes later.

In English the word refers to “a person of bad character”.

This word comes later because the word was originally used to mean something that was “worse than a man”.

However, the original meaning of “femen” is “bad” in the Middle Eastern context.

“Bite” comes after “tongue”.

The word comes after a vowel, which indicates a “bend” or a “swerve”.

The second meaning of this word, “tONGUE”, refers to a “tinkling sound”.

It was used to represent “pain”, but in the modern context it’s used to indicate something unpleasant.

To translate the word to English, simply use the word in the English version of the dictionary.

What happens when you use a word in Arabic?

When a word is in Arabic, it can be very difficult to translate it into English.

There are some words in Arabic that are very similar to English words.

For example, “bodhran” means “a kind of medicine”, and in English, it’s a “painkiller”.

The “toy” meaning is a “tool”, such as “knife”, and it’s not always easy to translate into English words that have similar meanings in Arabic.

The Arabic word “dart” comes before the word you’re looking for, and the meaning can be quite different from the meaning in English.

This is because “toys” are very common in Arabic and they’re also often used to create play and amusement.

When you want to make a purchase, you might look for a toy made of plastic.

For this reason, a toy in Arabic might be referred to as “tin”, or “rubbish”.

What are some examples of words in English that are used to translate Arabic words to English?

“Cherry pie” is used to speak of “an apple”, and this is a common meaning of a “fruit” in English “pudding” is also a common word to use in Arabic for something to be “cooked”.

The Arabic term “kahkah” means a “pot” and is a very common word for a “cooking utensil”.

This is also the

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