Information Technology

Posted October 03, 2018 15:31:15It’s the perfect time for a tech job seeker to start their search for a new job.

But with a growing number of graduates finding tech roles, salary remains stable, a Financial Post analysis of job postings reveals.

As many as 14 per cent of graduates in the industry have taken a job within the past year, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The figures have prompted employers to offer a range of offers, from more flexible work arrangements to full-time employment, to help recruit the new generation of talent.

While the number of vacancies remains high, the pay and employment prospects of graduates remain good.

The average salary for a full-timer starting a tech role in 2018 is $52,000.

This is significantly higher than the $30,000 average wage for graduates in their early twenties.

For graduates starting with the second level of a technology career, it is $38,000, a wage that is comparable to that of an average graduate in their late twenties.

But it’s the salaries of graduates that stand out.

While they earn $48,000 a year, the average salaries of these jobs are significantly lower.

The top paid positions in the field are those at the highest levels of the technology industry.

For example, a senior software developer making $78,000 would be the highest-paid entry-level employee in the Australian tech industry.

This type of pay is typical of those at these jobs, but a more typical entry-type position is that of a tech support person, with salaries of $36,000 for a software developer.

This is where it gets a little more interesting, because the median pay for this job is $37,000 across all tech roles.

While this is lower than average salaries across the sector, the median salary of support positions is $41,000 at the same level of the industry.

The pay for software developers is also very low compared to the other professions, at $49,000 over the course of the year.

And as a developer, the salaries are significantly higher.

For this type of developer, $70,000 per year would be their median annual income.

The median income for a person starting a career in software is $67,000 and for software support is $57,000 while a support engineer at the top end of the tech sector would be earning $80,000 annually.

The numbers in this chart show that although salaries in tech are increasing, there are still some jobs available in the sector.

For example, in the finance and insurance industry, the lowest paying positions are software developers making $32,000 each, while the median annual salary for finance positions is less than $23,000 ($41,700 for a finance and $33,600 for a insurance engineer).

It’s also important to note that the number and average pay of graduates is higher than what graduates at any other stage of the career could expect to earn, which is why employers are still looking for entry-to-level, or entry-into-senior, tech jobs.

This data is provided by the Australian Technology Centre, a non-profit organisation based in Canberra.

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