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The social network is known for being an ad-filled, easy-to-use platform, but it’s also got an interesting secret: it doesn’t tell you who you’re sharing it with.

The reason is, it’s really hard to track who’s sharing it to.

Facebook’s privacy policy describes the practice as “the practice of allowing people to share content, even if they don’t know it’s being shared.”

However, Facebook’s policy doesn’t go into details on exactly what this means.

The social media giant doesn’t specify the types of content it shares with whom, how long it takes for that content to be shared, or how much it pays to share it.

Instead, it simply describes what content it considers “advertiser-targeted” content, or what it considers ads.

This includes “photos, videos, or other content that may have been generated by an ad network, advertising network, or paid content service.”

But the company says it’s always doing this for the benefit of advertisers and that “all content we share is designed to help people find relevant content for their needs and preferences.”

So if you share content that’s meant to be liked, shared by someone who isn’t an advertiser, or shared by a friend of a friend, Facebook says that the content has to be clearly marked as “advertising.”

And that means the content is shared to a list of people who have the same name as you.

So it’s easy to guess who these people are, but the details are all left to the advertisers, who are required to share their ads to the network.

Facebook isn’t revealing the names of these people, so we’re not sure how the company keeps track of them.

It’s not clear whether they’re paid content creators, and it’s not yet clear if the content they share is sponsored, or if it’s paid to someone else.

The company says that ads don’t appear in its content until the ads are shown.

But when it comes to advertising on Facebook, the terms of service state that ads “may not be included in the content or advertisements” unless the content contains ads.

So you could be able to share a link to a video from your Facebook profile without having to be bothered about what to do next, but that’s not exactly how it works.

And while there are rules for the content itself, it seems Facebook is more concerned about the advertisers who share it, as it says they “are subject to all of Facebook policies.”

But if you do get in trouble for sharing content without permission, there’s not much you can do.

Facebook does require advertisers to disclose who is posting content to their pages.

But it also says that any content that you don’t approve of “will be removed from Facebook and removed from all of your friends and contacts.”

And you can still opt out of that.

In other words, you can’t say, “No, I’m not sharing it” or “I don’t want to see it.”

But Facebook says it only works with people who are willing to share with you and is “working to make this more transparent.”

So you might as well be careful about what you share on the platform, even with the ads on your page.

If you want to know more, we’ve put together a quick guide for how to stop Facebook from being the biggest source of fake news.

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