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In a world where VR headsets can be bought for around £1,000, Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe has developed the first “virtual reality headset” for under £10.

It will allow users to experience the “real world” with their own two eyes. 

“We believe this will open up the possibility of truly immersive and immersive experiences for people who are currently confined to the virtual world,” Iribe told the BBC.

“In the future, the virtual worlds will be a much more powerful platform for innovation, so it’s a really exciting time to be a creator in VR.”‘

It’s not just about the games’ While VR is still a niche market, there’s still a huge amount of potential for the technology, and this is no exception. 

The Oculus Rift has already become a huge success, selling more than 20 million units worldwide since it was released in 2014.

The headset has also been the target of criticism for being too expensive, and has been criticised by developers who have felt the headset is too difficult to use, and that it lacks the ‘sensory’ features that VR gamers have been looking for. 

Iribe said that the company was committed to delivering the best possible experiences to the Oculus Rift, and said it was a key reason that the headset has been able to grow in popularity so quickly. 

This isn’t just about VR, Iribe added.

“I believe we have a great team that is passionate about this technology, passionate about VR.

We believe that VR is an exciting new frontier, but VR has to be used with care.

We can’t just use it as an excuse to make more money.” 

I don’t believe that the price of the Oculus VR headset is the issue.

Iribe said the company is “100 per cent committed” to keeping the price low, and “we want to make sure the headset’s performance is great”.

He said the Oculus headset is “not a cheap headset” and has a “fairly large battery”, meaning the headset can last for up to seven days on a single charge.

“We are not worried about the price.

We are focused on delivering a great experience for the most dedicated VR users,” he said.

“The headset is really about the experience of being in the virtual space.

And the experience is about being able to see the world.”‘

This is a revolution in how people can experience’ I believe that Oculus VR is one of the few companies to be able to deliver an immersive VR experience for under the £1k mark, but there’s also a lot of work to be done.

I mentioned earlier that VR has “never been cheaper”.

The Oculus Rift costs £500.

That’s just £50 more than the average PC game, and a little over £1.50 cheaper than the Xbox One. 

What’s more, the headset will only run for five minutes before needing to be recharged.

This is an impressive feat for a headset that’s been designed to work for hours on end, but it’s only going to get better if the headset gets a longer life span. 

One of the most important things to get right with a VR headset, according to Iribe, is the “sound”.

The headset’s speakers are designed to “capture the sense of presence” that comes with wearing a headset.

It has been said that “a sound headset is like a mirror” and this could be why Oculus has taken this step.

“We think a lot about the sound that people will hear when they walk in a room, so we wanted to deliver a headset for that experience,” Iago said. 

For those who want to experience what it’s like to be inside VR, the Oculus Touch controllers will be available for pre-order on September 29th.

They are also available for £100 from August 15th. 

A ‘real world’ VR experience with your eyes Iriq also mentioned that Oculus will also be launching a “real-world” VR experience in the near future.

The “real worlds” will be VR games like “Halo 5” and “Oculus Rift: Valkyrie”, which Iriq said “will be the perfect environment to bring the virtual reality experience to life”.

Iriqu added that the “experience” of “walking into a real world, with your own two feet and a camera and a VR camera” will “change how you look at the world”.

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