Information Technology

LONDON — More than one-third of HR recruitiers in the United Kingdom have a preference for a foreign-trained candidate, according to a new report.

The report by recruiting consultant EMEA, commissioned by British recruitment agency HR&B, found that recruitment professionals in the UK were increasingly looking for information technology professionals from countries with high labour costs and high levels of education, skills and knowledge.

The report, titled ‘Why do HR recruitrs prefer foreigners?’, said recruiters were “increasingly looking for candidates who are from high-cost countries or have the right experience, to fill their vacancies.”

“Foreign-trained candidates are seen as having more knowledge, experience and skills than local candidates,” the report said.

The recruitment agency’s chief executive, Ben McNeil, said that while there is a strong demand for foreign-educated candidates, there is also an “overwhelming need” for UK-educated ones. “

This is especially the case with the higher education and skill gaps that exist within HR, which leads to recruiters wanting to fill vacancies from within the UK.”

The recruitment agency’s chief executive, Ben McNeil, said that while there is a strong demand for foreign-educated candidates, there is also an “overwhelming need” for UK-educated ones.

McNeil told reporters that recruiters wanted to hire British-trained people, but had “an over-reliance on the knowledge that people who have been in the job market for a long time, have developed over their lifetime.”

McNeil said the study was “just the tip of the iceberg” in how recruiters and recruiters in the HR industry are looking for new information technology talent.

He added that it would be interesting to see how the hiring industry responds to the report.

In the report, EMEAs research showed that the majority of recruiters surveyed believed that foreign-skilled candidates had higher qualifications than local-skilled ones, while more than half of recruites believed that they could work with a more junior staff member, compared to a quarter of recruitees in the U.K. and U.S. who believed that senior managers could manage the workload of their teams better.

According to EME’s study, recruitors from countries including Brazil, Singapore and South Korea were “most commonly identified” as the top two foreign-born candidates in the recruitment world.

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