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article The first 100 days of the Donald Trump administration, which began Friday, have seen a number of policy announcements that have largely been greeted with mixed reactions from conservatives.

The most notable is the nomination of Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

The first major action in the Trump administration is the confirmation of Jeff Flake as attorney General.

The move was a major blow to the Senate’s conservative bloc, which has been fighting for Flake to get a seat in the chamber for a long time.

The confirmation of Flake, who has been critical of Trump throughout his campaign, was seen as an indication that the Trump White House is less likely to be influenced by conservative voices.

The Trump administration has also announced several other policy moves that conservatives have been fighting against.

The president signed an executive order to allow the U.S. military to operate in Iran’s contested northwestern border.

He also signed an order that directs federal contractors to “prohibit and restrict all activity” that they deem harmful to Iran’s nuclear program.

The order has also been opposed by the State Department, which believes that the Iran nuclear deal was not a good deal for the U, and has urged the administration to reverse its actions.

Other moves that have been criticized by conservatives include the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election, the move to shut down a federal government program that helps unemployed Americans find jobs, and the appointment, as the head of the Office of Management and Budget, of an ex-CIA director as acting head of intelligence.

Other policy announcements made during the first 100days included a move to extend a tax credit for health insurance companies to help pay for child care for low-income families.

The decision to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans has also drawn criticism from conservatives, with the administration suggesting that it would give an incentive to businesses to leave the country, while some Republicans have said that the cuts would hurt the poor most.

Another major announcement from the first days of Trump’s administration was the firing of FBI Director James Comey, who had been overseeing an investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia and potential collusion between Trump’s team and Moscow.

Trump and the White House have argued that Comey’s dismissal was part of a broader effort to discredit the investigation.

Trump has also fired three additional FBI directors, the most high-profile of which was acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who was previously in charge of the bureau’s counterintelligence division.

The White House has also pushed back against the notion that Comey was fired because he was “too close” to Trump.

Comey was not the only one to have been fired, however, as Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente was also let go.

Trump also reportedly fired the director of the National Security Agency, Michael Rogers, after a leak of information that Rogers had had an affair with his wife.

The firing of Rogers was a significant blow to Trump’s reputation among conservatives, who saw it as retaliation for the leaking of classified information about the Russia investigation.

Other decisions made during Trump’s first 100 Days included the repeal of Obamacare, the confirmation, without hearings, of James Mattis as secretary of defense, and a decision to repeal the Affordable Care Act’s taxes.

Other notable policy announcements included the appointment as director of National Intelligence of an intelligence expert to serve in the position of acting director, and an executive action to allow businesses to deduct the cost of travel from employees’ paychecks, an effort that was opposed by many businesses.

Other changes included the signing of a new budget resolution, which Trump had previously vetoed, and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

The new budget is expected to cut the federal government’s deficit in half by the end of 2019, with Trump hoping that this will allow the administration’s spending cuts to continue.

Trump announced the appointment Friday of Robert Lighthizer as director for the Office for National Drug Control Policy, which would be the federal agency responsible for regulating drug companies.

Trump’s decision to nominate Lighthizers to the position comes as Congress is expected in the coming days to pass legislation to cut spending on opioid and other health care programs.

Trump signed the executive order that allowed the U the use of the phrase “all options are on the table” in an effort to avoid another potential standoff with Congress, which could force the president to sign the budget resolution he vetoed earlier this month.

Trump, who is scheduled to visit South Carolina on Sunday, has also said that he would veto any spending bills that do not include funding for his promised wall along the Mexican border.

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