Information Technology

What to do if your company is hacked or your data is stolen.1.

Tell the truth2.

Report it to the authorities3.

Report the crime to law enforcement and/or police4.

Report to your insurance company and/ or your credit card company.5.

Keep your passwords secure and safe6.

Update your passwords frequently7.

Change passwords regularly8.

Do not use an old or forgotten password9.

Do NOT use a password manager that can be easily hacked.10.

Do use a secure, multi-factor authentication system, such as Apple’s Passbook or Google’s TOTP10.

If you use a non-standard or untrustworthy password, change it or delete it.11.

Keep the password secure and confidential12.

Do a system clean-up and update your passwords regularly13.

Use a password management service, such the one provided by Keepass.14.

Always use your company’s PIN and password to access your company accounts15.

Never share your personal information, including your password, with anyone else.16.

Do your due diligence on any new information and software from third-party companies, such a social network, email providers, social media, or apps.17.

If a company is not listed in your company network, contact them to find out how to get a list.18.

Be careful with what you share with other people.

For example, share your work email address with other colleagues or friends, or if you have an on-line account, don’t share your password with anyone.19.

Do keep your passwords confidential.

If someone has access to your password or your information, they will be able to access all of your data.20.

If your company was hacked, do not use the same password for everything.

Use different passwords for different services, or change your passwords.21.

Be sure to follow up on any security issues.

If possible, use a multi-step authentication process.22.

When you update your password to avoid a breach, always use a different password for every single account, email, and application you use.23.

Be aware of your company and your customers and take necessary steps to prevent the spread of viruses and malware.

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