Information Technology

The country is in the midst of a major information technology crisis, with an average of 7.6 million people not connected to the internet in 2015.

The data, which is not yet released, is from the International Data Corporation’s annual report, Global Internet Users 2015.

It is based on data from the country’s four major carriers, which include Deutsche Telekom, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

According to the report, mobile internet connectivity is not growing as quickly as hoped, due to the fact that it is not being widely available, or that there are not enough people to be connected to networks.

The country’s economy is also in the red, with the median annual income per person being only $4,000.

The country’s GDP per capita is just $20,000, compared with $80,000 in the United States and $130,000 the United Kingdom.

A large part of this is due to a lack of government support, said Dr Yevgeniy Ponomarev, director of the Centre for Global Information and Communications Technology (CIGIT) in Moscow.

“It’s not a big problem if people have access to the Internet, but if they don’t, they’ll spend a lot of time surfing,” he told Al Jazeera.

According the report , around one in five Africans do not have access or do not want it.

The report says there are currently 1.6 billion people without access to internet, of whom a quarter live in Africa, and that this number is expected to rise to 1.7 billion by 2040.

Despite these challenges, Ponomrev said there is a chance for a significant boost in internet access in the country.

“If the country improves its internet infrastructure and the technology, it will create more jobs for African workers.

We can achieve this through a combination of the right investments and an effective communication strategy,” he said.

According, the CIGIT report found that only 1.1 percent of people aged 15-24 had internet access at home, compared to 5 percent in the UK.

While this is lower than many other countries, such as the United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands, Poms reported that there is no correlation between internet penetration and economic wellbeing.

The CIGITS report also found that people in Africa were not having the best experience of internet access, with just 8 percent of Africans saying that they were happy to have internet access.

The survey also showed that the average person living in a rural area in Africa had internet penetration of just 3 percent, compared the figure for rural areas in the US.

“There is a real disconnect between rural Africa and the rest of the world,” Ponomretv said.

“Africa is experiencing a very poor digital infrastructure.

That’s why the internet is an issue in the region,” he added.

Ponomretvev said it is a good time for African leaders to take action to improve the internet.

“The internet can have a positive impact on Africa and help the country to move forward.

It’s an important opportunity for African governments to build the internet infrastructure that they need to meet their digital challenges,” he explained.”

We’re already seeing this happening in the case of African leaders like Emmanuel Macron and Mahama Mbemba, who are putting forward the digital agenda as part of their national economic strategy,” said Ponomreev.

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