Information Technology

Businesses, organizations and individuals who want to take advantage of IT technology licenses in 2019 should consider applying to UWSP and the Arizona State University, according to the Arizona Business Council.

The Arizona Business Alliance (ABC), the umbrella organization representing more than 20 Arizona business interests, says it has a new certification program to help businesses prepare for 2019.ABC says the certification program is called “UWSP Certification and Training,” and it offers two certifications: the Arizona Certification of Technology for Information Technology and the AZ-ASIA Certification of Information Technology for Businesses.ABC calls the certification process the first in Arizona.

It’s a one-stop-shop for employers to get their information technology license or IT training in 2019.

The process is quick and easy.ABC points out the certification is only valid for businesses that are licensed in Arizona and have an active IT license.ABC advises applicants to apply to UWsp and get their certification by October 6, 2019, or the certification expires.ABC also recommends companies apply for the AZA Certified Information Technology License (ACAITL), which is valid for 30 days and is offered by UWsp.ACAITl applicants must pay an application fee of $35 and will need to pay a $2 renewal fee.ACA IT licenses also come with a $300 annual fee and are not available to private business.

The AZ-SAI Program is an alternative certification program that is available to all business, nonprofits and universities.

This program provides a one year program that can be used by organizations that are certified to provide information technology services.ACA is available in most states and is administered by the Arizona Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

A list of accredited organizations can be found at says the application process is very easy and takes less than 10 minutes.ABC recommends applying for certification in three phases: a review of the current licensing status, an initial application and a final review.ABC adds that applications must be submitted in the fall and must include:The certification process is administered through the Arizona Office of Information Technologies, Certification and Licensing.

The agency can be contacted at 602-979-4331.

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